FAQ’s & Research

Concerning our proprietary 3XT formulation & base for all our health spray products:

Yes. Studies from Harvard Medical School, among others, have researched & proven this fact.


Oxygen is one of the many natural elements that sustains life. In-vitro studies show that stabilized oxygen molecules destroy & kill many viruses & harmful bacteria. It also oxygenates your blood when absorbed properly. Allowing your body to heal itself more efficiently. Although Silver is extremely powerful on it’s own, adding stabilized oxygen doubles the efficacy of other silvers on the market.



Yes, according to both control lab studies with animals, as well as numerous clinical studies with people.


Concerning dosage & use:

Our focus & research is founded on maximizing absorbtion – wherein lies the key to efficacy & results. That is why we suggest nasal cavity, oral – under the tongue & nebulizing methods. Simply orally spraying or drinking with a focus on stomach digestion has been shown to have lower absoption rates, allowing many valuable benefits, minerals & nutrients to either lose efficacy or simply pass through.

A lower dose of silver may still have long term benefits, but lacks enough strength to make much of an immediate/short term effect. Also, our bodies treat silver not as a heavy metal, but as a vital mineral, and studies have shown that it will naturally eliminate silver if your body has too much. Therefore, taking in excess will distract your body from silver benefits, as it then has to focus on reducing it’s presence.

With our recommended high efficacy absorbtion delivery systems, we’ve calculated a precise dose for children, adults & seniors that is gentle, safe & effective.

Concerning discounted pricing & programs:


We are not an MLM. We offer a customer referral program you will love! All customers have the opportunity to share their referral link with their friends and family. Orders made through the referral link will generate a reward for lifetime of the account.

Individuals, health practitioners, beauty/health/spas/salons/pharmacies & many other online as well as brick & mortar retail & distribution outlets. We do require specific MOQ’s for our wholesalers, but we always adapt those to your unique situation. We’d love to partner with you, so please contact us today!